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Training materials

Ainsworth Technologies Inc. Developed one- and two- day training courses outlining how to use a new Coast Guard message processing system.

Architel Systems Corporation Developed three instructor-led training courses for a telecommunications order processing system and inventory management system.

CCI Developed a web-based training course for a call centre and support application.

CDI Evaluated business analysis and consulting courses and recommended improvements in instructional design, materials, and presentation. Also developed a web-based resource centre for professional employees of one of the company's corporate clients.

Centre for Forensic Sciences Developed a single-source user guide, training guide, and train-the-trainer guide for a new evidence tracking and management system.

CIC Developed and presented a one-day course on writing for the webfor Citizenship and Immigration Canada (since delivered elsewhere).

FCIDB Developed self-study materials for deposit products and procedures for this association of deposit brokers.

Investment Funds Institute of Canada Developed, wrote, edited, and updated training materials for several self-study courses on mutual funds, general investing and securities, operations, risk evaluation, ethics, and more. Developed prototype content and approach for conversion of materials to web-based training

Manulife Financial Developed CBT and workshop material for a new release of an application that helps field personnel process and manage client transactions.

Netcom Canada (now AT&T) Adapted a business writing seminar to a one-day workshop to help various company personnel improve their business writing skills.

RLI (Ryerson) Edited and formatted a book on selecting an appropriate retail computer system. Also edited and evaluated an existing CBT application.

Royal Bank of Canada/Dominion Securities Designed and developed training courses to support the introduction of a new credit management process and application.

Trango, a division of Siemens Analysed training needs and recommended a solution consisting of an orientation program, intensive workshop, ongoing presentations and annual events. Created materials for intensive 2-day workshop.

Wellesley Hospital Wrote three self-study training guides-on writing résumés, job search letters, and marketing-as part of the Career Centre's Career Planning Series.

Writing for the Web Developed and delivered a one-day course on writing for the web. Covers the difference between web and paper documents, navigation, writing style, and more.

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