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Marketing/presentation materials

Algorithmics Ltd. Designed and wrote a series of product information sheets for the company's suite of financial risk management applications.

BAKA Wrote several newsletter articles for a forensic accounting firm.

Brighthouse Inc. Wrote and edited several fact sheets and brochures for clients of this design firm.

Bulldog Canada Wrote a position/concept paper on media asset management and the company's new software application.

CDI Developed and wrote a brochure outlining a new training offering for companies migrating to new technologies.

Certicom Corp Designed and developed a slide presentation introducing the company's encryption and security hardware and software products.

Computron Canada Designed and wrote a series of presentations, product information sheets, product guides, and white papers describing an object-oriented open systems maintenance and work management application.

Direct Software Services Designed a presentation outlining the technological, data, and systems architecture requirements for NT's Global Information Services division.

Diversified Financial Management Developed a company logo, letterhead, and brochure for an investment management company.
InSystems Technologies Wrote a series of case studies to illustrate the use, features, and benefits of the company's document assembly and management applications.

InSystems Technologies Wrote a series of case studies to illustrate the use, features, and benefits of the company’s document assembly and management applications.

Learning Matters
Analyzed and edited web marketing materials for this training consultancy.

Manifest Communications Wrote and edited marketing material for a web-based charitable donor information site. Also evaluated site navigation.

Museum for Textiles Wrote the copy for a brochure advertising a special textile exhibit at the museum.

NCR Wrote ads, brochures, case studies, testimonials and fact sheets about various products and services, including item and remittance processing, imaging, archiving, electronic and web-based delivery applications.

OSSA Designed the structure and wrote the content for a series of fact sheets promoting safe work guidelines. Also edited several guides, courses, and other related documents.

Peoples Jewellers Corporation Implemented the company's Year 2000 communication strategy. Wrote letters, employee bulletins, newsletter articles for different audiences.

PROMIS Systems Designed and produced an internal newsletter for company personnel.

Rogers Cantel Wrote a testimonial/case study for clients of this company.

Royal Bank Designed and wrote a presentation introducing two new deposit products.

Scotia McLeod Wrote a series of articles on various financial topics for a newsletter distributed to account representatives and their clients.

Stats Schedules Developed a logo, booth presentation signs, brochure and business cards for a trade show introducing this company’s new medical scheduling application

STC Managed the initial stages of research into a new corporate identity for the international association.

Sun Life of Canada Researched and wrote a booklet on retirement planning and issues for people in the their mid-career years.

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